Privacy Policy

12 Month Loans Canada works with a sole aim to provide excellent service to the prospective borrowers and visitors of the website. This privacy policy informs how we source, protect, use and share the information of each & every customer collected the information through this website. We advise you to check for all the updates and it's revised version time to time to make sure you receive the complete and updated information on the website. By using or arriving here at 12monthloanscanada, you are accepting the company's policies and practices as described in Privacy Policy.

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Information We Require & Uses

We collect your personal information only if you wish to continue and apply through us for loan products. We ensure the safety of your data as we are solely promoting the safe and responsible lending practices. When you apply for a loan visiting 12 Month Loans Canada, you will be requested submit an application form filling your personal details including your name, address, contact details, email id and other similar information. We may also ask for a certain financial details such as bank account details, routing as well as debit card numbers and some similar information required for funding and repayment purposes.

Your email address will be used for the communication purpose as we send emails to confirm information and send communications to process your loan request. Your contact details will be used to send your future notifications about the new offers and promotions for the notification purpose.

We may require some additional information to verify your all identification proofs and thus, manage risks with your provided details. Underwriting for loans would consider bank account details shared by you as we may detect your bank account details. We may look to third parties bureaus and affiliations to help validate the entire information.

Website Usage Information

12 Month Loans Canada emphasize on creating the best experience for the visitors or users. So, we save a transaction history and user interactions as well as collect the basic details from users in the cookies just for the record keeping purpose. We use cookies to recognize the repeat visitors on our site during the same session or when it expires. We make use of a software which helps us to manage the site content.

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To protect our visitors and ourselves, we make use of a service provided by the third-party to ensure that they want to accept transactions from PCs, mobile phones or other devices. It checks the third-party devices that have been identified with fraudulent or abusive transactions including the identity thefts, account takeovers or malware attacks.

Links or other information from third-party sites

We don't use or share the personal data's or financial information with other customers for any personal or professional purpose. We just collect the personal information during the website usage and thus, ensure to provide the safe usage. We collect the loan applications and share with the different lenders as per your requirement and also, allow third-party websites to share link for giving you an opportunity to access the best site. The site is not responsible for the actions or information you get by visiting the third-party sites.